Friday, 26 February 2016


If everything were to be clarified by reason then there would be no God, for we would be God. Since we don’t understand everything and are finite, we believe in an infinite God. We owe our being, living, rising and resting to Him. However you may ask who this God is, for there are so many that are presented to us in today’s world.

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Coming to the aspect of faith, it is said that faith begins where reason ends. By faith we mean that there are things which are beyond us which cannot be explained rationally. We believe because we find something worthwhile in it, also maybe some amount of fulfillment too.

God is not an atom that can be dissected and studied under a microscope. God is a reality whom we humans believe in, one who blesses us and provides us with all good things. God has given us a choice, we can either choose Him in faith or reject Him by reason.

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