Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Choose to be jolly

I was ironing my shirt in the morning, when a friend of mine came and began to tease me. Since I had some saliva in my mouth I couldn’t speak and hence I sprayed little water on him. He became quiet. After some time another friend of mine came near the ironing table. Supposing him also to have come with the same intention of disturbing me, I sprayed water on him too.

He looked at his cassock for a few moments and then fumed with ferocious anger; he threw something that was on the table at me. However I had moved some distance away from him knowing that he was fuming with anger and hence that thing missed hitting me. The first friend who had teased me calmed him down and sent him away.

I went on to do my work. As I looked at myself in the mirror, I said to myself,’ I have a choice to be in a jolly mood or in a sulky mood. I choose to be jolly.’ No one can drive my car unless I give him/her the keys, in the same way no one/ nothing can change my mood unless I allow it to happen.

Happy choosing.

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