Thursday, 15 September 2016


‘What is man that you should keep him in mind; mortal man that You care for him.’ Sometimes we really get into thinking as to why does God uphold us human beings as the most important creatures on earth. He could have made the lion as the most important creature or as the center of attraction on the earth. The lion would have definitely been able to do much more than humans, he is strong, sturdy and well built. He gets things done and has a strong sense of control.

                However God chose human beings to be the care taker of all the other creatures. He bestowed this responsibility on us human beings with a great sense of trust. When we assess the situation today, we see that somewhere along the line we have committed mistakes, some of which have been minor and others which have proved to be fatal both to us and to our environment.

                Pope Francis in his encyclical ‘Laudato Si’ says that God gave us the earth to till and keep, however we have kept tilling and have not taken care of it. What he says is quite powerful and makes a lot of sense. Mahatma Gandhi says,” There is enough and more for everyone’s need, but not enough for a single person’s greed.” Only when we become aware, sensitive and concerned about each other’s needs, will we stop tilling more than what we need.

                ‘Sharing is caring’ must become the maxim of our lives. This will help us to be more human and will help us to reach out not only to others in need but also to our sobbing mother earth. The earth is ready to give off itself freely, the important question is ARE WE READY????

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